Saturday, March 8, 2008

Note To My Readers Regarding The Random Musing

Just to change the pace a bit, I am introducing a short article from time to time – either in conjunction with an article on risk analysis of current events, economic trends, or as a stand-alone – particularly on the weekend when most people’s attention shift from making money, or attempt at making money, to more recreational thoughts. On Sunday evening, EST, I will write the first risk analysis piece of the week so that my readers on the other side of the world, who starts their Monday earlier, will be able to enjoy a new article of weighty proportion.

I thank all my readers; and if you like my topics and/or analysis, then do tell your friends and share the knowledge. Have a great weekend and enjoy the first of the series of short articles.


The Random Musing is meant to amuse, pique curiosity, and add a bit of controversy by looking at issue from a completely different perspective. If you emote after reading the Random Musing, then it is working.

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