Saturday, March 8, 2008

Random Musing Of The Day

Is the Kyoto Protocol another attempt by men to mess with nature under the guise of being environmentally correct?

Here are the facts:
§ The Kyoto Protocol ends in 2012. After that there is no specified targets for greenhouse gases. Does that mean that all countries are able to go all out burning fossil fuel, particularly coal?

§ The objective of the Kyoto Protocol to the international Framework Convention on Climate Change is to reduce Greenhouse gases that cause climate change.

Is that a good thing? After all, nature, all on its own, has been changing the global climate, oscillating between periods of ice age and periods of tropical forest for billions of years. Heck, nature even reversed the magnetic poles all by itself.

If we want to reduce carbon emission, should we limit human population?
Here are the facts:
§ A person's exhaled breath is approximately 4.5% carbon dioxide by volume.

§ An adult respires 500 ml of air per breath and normally takes 12 to 20 breaths a minute.

§ Estimated world population as of February 2008 is 6.7 billion. Of this approximately 27% are children below the age of 15.

§ 29.57 ml = 1 ounce

§ 2,204.6 pounds = 1 metric ton

Few Guesstimations:
§ Child’s breath is 50% of an adult, or 250 ml per breath

§ Women’s breath is 80% of men, or 400 ml per breath

§ Adult population is evenly divided 50%/50% between man and woman

§ Average breathing rate of 16 breaths per minute, based on the respiration range of 12 to 20

Based on the facts and a few assumptions, here is the annual output of CO2 by the world’s population:
962.6 billion metric tons
The total CO2 output by World energy related emission: 26.9 billion metric ton

Since the world population’s respiration generates more than 3,579% of CO2 emitted by all fossil fuels, to truly limit CO2 emission in to the air and reduce the greenhouse effect, we should start limiting the World’s population. This will also help to reduce global demand for fossil fuel and other resources, and thereby further reducing CO2 emission.

I think the members of OEDC know this as their population growth is slowing. Good job guys; keep it up. The world is depending on you.

Cheeky Regards,
Ed Kim

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